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The North Jersey Chamber of Commerce is a mid-sized non-profit business organization concentrating on providing its members with substantial opportunities to GROW their business, SAVE money on products and services, and CONNECT with thousands of North Jersey’s Finest Business Leaders.

Our membership continues to grow on a daily basis because of this culture created. To date, we represent over 165 cities, representing 13 counties throughout Northern New Jersey. The growing seed reflects upon how our members see, feel, and most importantly, develop their circle of professional network each day.

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“Each day, I am proud to lead North Jersey’s finest business leaders through networking and marketing efforts. Join our chamber and be part of our chamber family!”

Michelle Vernuccio, NJCC President

“The NJCC provides its members with so many opportunities to network and build relationships.

Cheryl Mucha, Chairwoman

“The NJCC Chamber brings so many benefits to all size businesses.  What I am most impressed with is the passion and commitment of the Chamber led by  President Michelle Vernuccio. NJCC’s creativity and unique approach to B2B networking is why it continues to thrive.

Linda Pinsky-Mauro, Vice Chairwoman

“The members of this Chamber are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. I get regular referrals and introductions from members, and I enjoy the casual, friendly atmosphere of the events.”

Robert Puleo , Treasurer

I love how the Chamber brings everyone together and helps businesses and clients find each other. Not only does it act as a great resource for new and existing businesses but it’s also a great way for communities to recognize what businesses they have around them and offers ways to use and support them.”

Jaymes De Jesus, Board Member

“What I love about the chamber is that it’s a group of genuine people who are simply looking to help each other.”

John Namnun, Board Member

“I love being part of something that gives me the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals dedicated to helping businesses thrive. Connecting with some of the most passionate and creative people has helped me to stay on my game and stay in tune with what businesses and the market need to grow.”

Kim Alvarez, Board Member

The North Jersey Chamber also focuses on helping each member to strive and take their business to a higher level, in the effort of providing better services to their community.

Phil Wagenti, Board Member


“I continue to prioritize membership in the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce because it has been one of the best and most consistent sources of new relationships with local north Jersey business people!”

Cecelia Henderson, Advisory Leader

“I love the support and the variety of programs North Jersey Chamber of Commerce offers.

Charissa Yong, Advisory Leader

“One of my favorite things about the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce is how easy-going it is —the variety and style of programming they offer makes it a very dynamic Chamber and so much fun to network in.”

Diana Meneses, Advisory Leader

“The NJCC may be one of the best-organized associations I have ever been a part of. Every week they provide relevant and pragmatically applicable information that can create the much-needed adaptability and transformation we need to succeed, especially in these difficult times.

Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collin, Advisory Leader


“I continue to prioritize membership in the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce because it has been one of the best and most consistent sources of new relationships with local north Jersey business people!”

James Adamo, Ambassador

“I love the support and the variety of programs North Jersey Chamber of Commerce offers.

Jeanne Roman, Ambassador

“The North Jersey Chamber of Commerce is an amazing organization that brings businesses and communities together.

Kathy Arciero, Ambassador

“My experience with NJCC has been amazing and exceeded my expectation in every way possible.  They are a group of leaders who are genuine, innovative, and all-inclusive which makes the experience as a member one of a kind.”

Ron Subia, Ambassador


“North Jersey Chamber of Commerce, in a relatively short time, has exceeded my expectations and introduced me to many wonderful, kind, and strong business professionals whom I’ve been able to build relationships that will last a lifetime!”

Drew Deraney, ReActivation Leader

“Love love love it; can’t do without it!

Elena Milazzo, ReActivation Leader

“My experience with the NJCC has been amazing. Working with Michelle directly, it has brought me a lot of joy, laughter, and connections that have strengthened my day to day work. The insurance industry was a lot less fun before I started working at Hanson & Ryan and before I was a part of the NJCC!”

Mark Fontanella, ReActivation Leader

“Starting at the top with Michelle Vernuccio you will meet quality business-minded professionals throughout the entire Chamber”.

Robert Leech, ReActivation Leader

“I find value in connecting with the members of the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce and keeping my business relationships consistent. There are plenty of networking opportunities to connect with potential clients and some of my finest clients are members of this awesome chamber.”

Thania Arango, ReActivation Leader

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