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Join the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce and Proud Marketing Support, Any Excuse for a Party- for any excuse to play some VIRTUAL BINGO!

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Join the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce (NJCC) and Presenter Susan Fonticoba with Clear Path Strategy!

As entrepreneurs sometimes it feels like we’re a small boat navigating deep and ever changing waters. In 2020 we had to face (and are still fighting) a storm called COVID19. In 2021, there may be a storm of a different name; and every year brings more unpredictability. Can your business remain unsinkable? If you were not able to operate your company “the way you used to”, will it fail or will you stay afloat and continue sailing on your voyage? Let’s review the business we built and embrace strengthening our foundation while we discover new ways to serve our customers no matter what storm is lurking around the corner. Together, we’ll tackle:

  • Discovering your ideal client and how to find new ways to serve them.
  • Honing your unique value and how it becomes a strength to weather any storm
  • Building a risk management plan so that you’re prepared for most anything
  • Creating a communications plan to build and keep a solid relationship with your clients

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